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Your family should never say,
"I wish I could hear their voice again"
Protect your voice! Trusted recipients may access a clone in the future!

VoCapsule was featured by the Gleason Institute for Neuroscience


We do NOT claim to own, sell, and/or provide any code or software that we license from AI providers. Our company focuses on storing and protecting audio data in separate systems until a clone is activated by you or a trusted recipient. We use our editing (prompt engineering) methods with 3rd party AI speech-synthesis technology. Our business protects vocal legacies and manages who may have access to your voice in the future. We require a verbal disclaimer to be read for VoCapsule (our parent company) and the AI providers we use for training/generating clones. All clone requests are delivered on a 'as is' basis. Clone quality depends on the audio quality of your recording device or microphone.

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We're just starting our journey, My Legacy Voice wants to expand and protect the voices for millions of people! We'll share updates here at the bottom of the home screen.

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Prepare a

Voice Clone

Use a phone, tablet, or computer to record our script online! List recipients that may access your voice in the future. We use licensed AI systems to generate audio before editing clones to sound exactly like the original speaker. Your listed recipients may order clone content like messages, stories, and more!

My Legacy Voice

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VoCapsule is going to be a game changer-


Actor, Rapper, & Legendary Voice

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Contact us for pricing on Enterprise Plans. These are for large groups or company-wide plans. We provide discounts for assistive technology centers, hospitals, and US military/government programs.

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