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Help: Common Questions

How do I delete my account?

Go to the Login box above and click on the special link that takes you to the sign in portal. You may cancel your subscription on Stripe's portal. Be aware, this will trigger a series of events that will lead to our team deleting the audio files on that account.

How do I use my clone?

After you record and upload audio, we store those files and back them up offline in a private database. When you or an approved recipient requests clone content (view the Pricing Page), we pull those files and prepare them to be cloned with AI. Order a Legacy Message or contact us for special projects.

Why am I not receiving a verification code from Stripe when I try to sign in?

Please contact for help. Make sure you are signing in with the email that you used to order subscriptions/products. When you order a subscription, product, or make a payment, you should receive a receipt that has a review of the order and charges- you may need to check spam or junk if it doesn't show up in your inbox.

How do I change my billing information or see past orders?

We use Stripe to securely handle all transactions. Members use Stripe to view payment history, edit their payment information, and/or cancel their subscriptions.

My clone order hasn't arrived yet, is there a way to check on the status?

Unfortunately, we do not have a progress bar or status checker for the Beta. Our future platforms and services will use all customer feedback to improve our communities and applications. Currently, we estimate 7-14 days for content delivery. The maximum wait period can be 14-30 days for larger orders or custom projects.

Is there a customer support line?

We do not have a full-time customer support line. We have clone managers that serve our members, you may book a phone call with us at any time. Please contact us here to request a clone manager.

I want an edit on my clone delivery, how can I do that?

If the clone mispronounces a name, city, or major element of the request- you may request an edit on your delivery. Our clone editors will take feedback on how you would like to pronounce the phrase in question and return another email with the updated version. ***Notice*** clone quality depends on the original audio submitted and the cadence, tone, and clarity the original speaker provides to our system when recording their voice.

How do I get a refund?

As stated in our Refund Policy, we provide all services, products, and content 'as is'. There are no refunds for Legacy Plans, Legacy Messages, or any other project requested and paid for. You may always cancel your subscription and trigger an account deletion. For any disputes, please contact us here to see if there is a solution.

How do I clone someone who died years ago?

Unfortunately, we cannot clone someone who does not provide a verbal disclaimer for our company and AI providers we use to train voice models.

How do I change my Recipient permissions?

Please contact us at to change Recipient information. Since we encrypt all user information on the recording form, you must contact our team to change primary recipients.

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