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My Legacy Voice is a new platform from VoCapsule, a clone management service. Everyone on our team has lost someone special and wanted to prevent anyone else from having to say, "I wish I could hear their voice again..."

VoCapsule spent most of 2020-2021 helping those with ALS and other neurological conditions. We got to work with the ATC at the Gleason Institute for Neuroscience at WSU and several speech language pathologists at Eastern Washington University.

Executive Team

VoCapsule is a growing startup in Las Vegas. The Founder, Brock Daily, is CEO and John Greco, a former audio engineer and current operations director in the NV energy industry, is COO. Yakov Elizarov from Elizarov Consulting Group has joined as CRO!

Mission Statement

My Legacy Voice will be a platform to store, protect, and remember voices for the next 100+ years; if anything happens to us, our loved ones should never have to say,


"I wish I could hear their voice again..."

How It All Works

Visit our encrypted online form to record your voice with your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. To activate a clone for yourself or as a recipient, just go to the account page and fill out a request form.

What About Security

My Legacy Voice makes sure your clone is only used for content you or recipients request! All forms are encrypted and backed up offline in a private database. Learn more about security here!

FAQ: Common Questions

What is My Legacy Voice?

This is a new service from VoCapsule, a company that manages voice clones for families, celebrities, movies, audiobooks, and other projects. VoCapsule also focuses on assistive technologies for ALS and protecting legacies for active-duty military in dangerous roles. We license AI technology and software from the best labs and AI providers to ensure our members have the best sounding clones available. Instead of selling software or the ability to generate clones with text-to-speech, we act as a service with all of the tools and trade secrets needed to make robotic AI voices sound real and human.

What is a voice clone?

Voice clones are digital replicas of people that sounds just like the original speaker. You've probably heard Siri from Apple or that monotone TikTok voice. Our services are different, we store special recordings that can be used to copy your personality, cadence and flow. Instead of a robotic voice, you receive genuine content that sounds like the audio submitted to us through an encrypted form.

How does cloning work?

Visit our online form to record your voice and subscribe to a legacy plan. We use an encrypted portal that protects your information. Use a phone, tablet, or computer to record a disclaimer for us and our AI affiliates along with 10-20 minutes of audio. Your recordings are stored and backed up offline. You or a primary recipient may activate a voice clone by requesting clone products. My Legacy Voice is a clone management service, so we use multiple kinds of licensed AI technology and audio engineering techniques to create realistic audio clips that sound genuine.

How do I activate a clone or request content and projects?

You may visit our Product Page to view our menu of services. When you purchase 'Legacy Messages' or pay for an invoiced clone project, our team of prompt engineers (clone editors) create a genuine replica of the voice clone being requested. Only the original speaker and their primary recipient may order clone content. Other recipients may request content and pay for orders, but you or the primary will need to approve.

How much does a membership cost?

Read our proprietary script and store the audio files for only $2.99 per month. You can get a discount by ordering a yearly subscription, which includes special promotions and deals (holiday sales, discounts, etc.).

How much do legacy messages cost?

Start requesting clone content immediately after you record and upload audio. Visit our Pricing Page to view current packages and offers. We're currently in Beta until 2023 as our team refines clone services. Currently, we offer 'Legacy Messages' for $9.99, a special 500 character message that will be spoken by a voice clone. Clone projects for films, audiobooks, and other special requests will need to be quoted.


Our special clone editors use prompt engineering (special writing techniques for manipulating results from natural language processing AI) to create realistic copies that sound genuine. Audio engineers touch up the file and prepare it as a downloadable attachment for you or recipients.

How long does cloning my voice take? (Legacy Messages)

When you or an approved recipient requests a Legacy Message, we use a special encryption key to view your audio recordings. After preparing the files, we use licensed AI technology from the best labs in the world to replicate a voice and generate audio that sounds just like the requested person. It takes 24-48 hours to train the voice model and begin generating content. Depending on our current capacity for editing clones and the complexity of the message, it may be 7-14 days before you or a recipient receives an order. We appreciate your patience and understanding- we also generate free content for those with ALS, which requires focus as well.

How long does cloning my voice take? (Custom Projects)

When you or a recipient contacts us and prepares a clone project, our team will assist with every step of the process. Since each project is different, we only give an estimated delivery date after we evaluate the project. We can perform projects for animations, movies, audiobooks, special messages, and other content like YouTube videos.

How are my voice recordings protected?

During our Beta period, we are using server providers with security certifications that meet our requirements. All information will use facilities/AI providers/servers with at least SOC-II or better certifications.

We use JotForm to collect your information and recordings with 256-bit encryption and RSA-2048 algorithms. All payments are made with a interface that has encrypted checkout as well.

Can I clone someone who has already passed away?

Yes, but they will need to have signed up and read disclaimers prior to passing away. Due to ethical standards and legal barriers, we cannot clone someone who does not give us and our AI affiliates permission. Each member of My Legacy Voice has a primary recipient that is responsible for managing the account and making sure the original speaker's voice is passed down for generations.

Audio is stored in our offline system to protect your voice. We access data when a clone is activated/requested.

We only allow listed recipients to request access to your clone. We alert you if there is an unauthorized request on your legacy account.

You and a primary recipient are the only ones allowed to add new recipients or receive clone deliveries.


We do NOT claim to own, sell, and/or provide any code or software that we license from AI providers. Our company focuses on storing and protecting audio data in separate systems until a clone is activated by you or a trusted recipient. We use our editing (prompt engineering) methods with 3rd party AI speech-synthesis technology. Our business protects vocal legacies and manages who may have access to your voice in the future. We require a verbal disclaimer to be read for VoCapsule (our parent company) and the AI providers we use for training/generating clones. All clone requests are delivered on a 'as is' basis. Clone quality depends on the audio quality of your recording device or microphone.

My Legacy Voice

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