We do NOT claim to own, sell, and/or provide any code or software that we license from AI providers. Our company focuses on storing and protecting audio data in separate systems until a clone is activated by you or a trusted recipient. We use our editing (prompt engineering) methods with 3rd party AI speech-synthesis technology. Our business protects vocal legacies and manages who may have access to your voice in the future. We require a verbal disclaimer to be read for VoCapsule (our parent company) and the AI providers we use for training/generating clones. All clone requests are delivered on a 'as is' basis. Clone quality depends on the audio quality of your recording device or microphone.


Registration Form

To store your voice, go to our encrypted online form. You should arrive at this page. Make sure to prepare your environment for recording your voice. Turn off all background noise (tv, fans, etc.)


Select a Plan

Select a membership that works for you. All members are required to subscribe before we generate any clone content. Make sure you have at least 15-20 minutes to complete the rest of the form.


Disclaimers & Primary

You will need to record three clips. The first is a disclaimer for VoCapsule LLC (our legal business name) and AI affiliates we use to clone your voice. For your second recording, try to speak naturally and use the questions if you can't get 10 minutes.


Training Audio

Read our proprietary script. This allows us to collect specific sounds in your voice. Think of yourself as a lego-set, we're identifying all the small details that make you, you!


Secure Checkout

We use Stripe.com to handle all transactions and subscriptions. Members use the Stripe Customer Login Portal to view, edit, and cancel subscriptions or view orders. Make sure to list the same email as before!


Legacy Message Form

To order clone messages (Legacy Messages), go to our online order form. You will arrive at our encrypted portal to purchase clone content with a Legacy Voice Membership or as a Recipient accessing one.


Current Products

We currently offer $9.99 Legacy Messages during our beta period. This give you 500 characters to type whatever message or set of phrases can fit. Contact us to start a custom project!


Important Details

If you are the Original Speaker, make sure to use the email that is listed on the membership you are accessing. If you are the Primary Recipient, use the email the Original Speaker has for you on their account. You can change this info by contacting support.


Voice Codes

The original speaker and their primary recipient will receive a voice code that identifies their account. Use this or the original speaker's email to access their voice clone for orders.


Secure Checkout

Type out a message with 500 characters or less. Softer, calm messages usually sound the most realistic. Order a birthday message, audiobook demo, or other set of phrases.


Secure Checkout

Use this section to clarify the names or words that may be rare or misread easily. My Legacy Voice wants to sound perfect, let us know how we can do that with your message!


Secure Checkout

We use Stripe.com to handle all transactions and subscriptions. Members use the Stripe Customer Login Portal to view, edit, and cancel subscriptions or view orders.

Voice Recording



Guides & Tips

Identify Verification

We use encrypted online forms to receive personal information and voice recordings. Part of our security process is identity verification that requires a clone manager from our team. To edit information or ask questions, reach out to us here.

Changing Recipients

Simply contact our support email to talk with a legacy manager and make changes to who can request audio. You will receive a confirmation email that you can review.

Editing Payment Info

We store your membership account information in a separate database. You can view billing info by going to the Stripe Checkout customer portal. You may cancel your subscriptions, review orders, or change billing information.

Account Termination

If you wish to terminate your VoCapsule account, you may do so at any time. Beware, performing this action will delete any backups of your training files within our system and the connected servers of AI affiliates. You may always deactivate your clone if you wish to prevent audio generation for a period of time.


Your clone's quality depends on your audio recordings. There are three levels of audio. Even basic clones sound like you, but the audio might sound compressed or muffled if you don't upload good recordings. To create a voice that is absolutely perfect (movies, tv shows, etc.) please contact us for a project quote!

Basic: Use a device with an internal mic

Use our online form to submit audio from any smartphone, tablet, or laptop with a internal mic. Your clone's quality depends on your audio recording.

Good: Record with an external mic

Contact us to use our file upload portal. You will need to pre-record files and read a live disclaimer for audio storage. This is for small productions and independent projects.

Best: Our team will book a studio 

Contact us to launch a major project! For films and high quality clones, we require a 1-2 hour studio session. We record several emotions and tones.

My Legacy Voice