Reasons for a

Legacy Voice

Always Be There

Our Legacy Services start with preparing a digital clone that can always be there for children & loved ones when you can't be.

1. Your Children

Our Plans allow you to say happy birthday every year & read stories every night. If anything happens, you can still say "I Love You" forever!

2. Your Job

If your work in emergency services or the military, you should have a backup of your voice prepared. Family & friends can always reconnect with you in case of an accident.

3. Your Story

We work with companies that can write an autobiography of your life. Our team can generate audio for your autobiography with just 20-30 minutes of your voice.

4. Your Descendants

Imagine leaving a piece of yourself that can vocally interact with your great-great grandchildren in 100+ years. Our platform is built to make that possible!

  • Early Access Ticket

    Store Your Voice for 10 Years
    • +10 Years of Audio Storage
    • +Personal Legacy Manager
    • +Add Recipients
    • +5 Prepaid Legacy Messages
    • +Early Access to Private Beta

Storage Provided & Managed by VoCapsule. Please read disclaimers at the bottom of the page

Each Paid Subscription Sponsors a Soldier or Person with ALS

Vocapsule pledges to donate 2 storage plans to either Active-Duty Military or Persons with ALS for EVERY storage plan purchased by members during the Beta. Our company wants to give back with every sale!



1.) By purchasing a subscription membership, you understand & acknowledge that you will not be able to access your clone-account through a user-interface or application before our Beta launches. As a Early Access PRESALE member, you hereby understand that clone requests must be performed through email and must come from you or a listed, trusted Recipient.

2.) By purchasing a Voice Storage & Management plan or package, you hereby understand & acknowledge that your purchase only covers audio storage (for training data) and account management with Recipients. Any clone-content (not included in plans) requires an 'Editor Fee' that compensates a human-editor who reviews the request and generates an appropriate message with tones & personality traits. You or Recipients may request anything from single phrases to entire audiobooks. Pricing will depend on message size & complexity of tones involved. The final platform may include different pricing for clone content.

3.) By selecting My Legacy Voice (managed by Vocapsule LLC) as your Voice Storage & Management provider, you understand & acknowledge that our company works with multiple AI companies, labs, and licensed machine learning systems to provide speech synthesis. Vocapsule is a Voice Storage & Management company. Our business collects & stores audio data for members to pass down through multiple generations. We collect recordings for the purpose of cloning audio in the future with currently available technologies. You also understand & acknowledge that Vocapsule may integrate future technologies from strategic partners to enhance clone quality and/or generate new, interactive experiences for your Recipients. You or a Primary Recipient may limit these upgrades in the future by contacting a Vocapsule Agent or setting account parameters on the upcoming Beta.

4.) You hereby understand and acknowledge that you must provide at least one 'Recipient'. Personal contact information for a 'Primary' is required & 'Secondary' Recipient will be optional to completely register an account. Any Recipient you list will have the ability to share the ability to request your voice with another account (descendants & family), but only the Primary Recipient will be able to delete your account. The Primary may transfer their role to anyone they choose. Vocapsule is not liable nor responsible for any cloned-content generated, requested, or otherwise created by Recipients, You, or anyone your voice is shared with.

5.) Vocapsule & myLegacyVoice are not responsible for any speech generated at the request of listed Recipients or you, the original speaker. By using our services & management platform, you hereby agree to accept full responsibility for any clone content created by you or trusted Recipients through requested phrases & audiobooks on our websites & applications.

6.) You hereby understand that Vocapsule has the right to refuse any requests that violate our terms of service or any requests that include forbidden phrases such as hate speech, offensive words, or prohibited content.

7.) You hereby understand that the quality of a clone will depend upon the original audio's quality. Vocapsule is not responsible for the quality of audio generated by early access members who perform recordings at home with devices they have. We suggest using quality, external microphones on desktop to achieve the best recordings for training data (audio).

8.) You hereby understand that Vocapsule may alter the phonetics in requests (slight variations) to accomplish a higher quality clone in regards to cadence and flow. For example, if a request says "I'll love you forever, happy birthday" we may deliver a clip that says "I will always love you, happy birthday" if our clone editors believe the personality is reflected better in the second version. In other words, we will generate an approved request, but may need to spice it up with adjectives, verbs, and other linguistic tools to accomplish a better delivery of psychoacoustic accuracy (i.e. realness).

8.) You hereby understand that the technology behind speech synthesis is not exclusive to Vocapsule's services and that if the User, Recipient, or other person registers a members voice with another platform or service, Vocapsule is not liable for any content created by those 3rd parties. You also hereby understand that if you have audio files that are accessible to the public (you are a youtuber, podcaster, or public figure) there will always be a risk of an unauthorized person using non-Vocapsule, unaffiliated software/platforms to replicate your voice.

9.) You hereby understand that Vocapsule works with several AI companies that facilitate parts of the clone generation process. We require users to read disclaimers for both Vocapsule and any AI affiliates that will have access to clones (data is shared once an activation request is processed, AI affiliates do NOT have access to our audio vault)

10.) By purchasing an early access membership, you hereby understand that Vocapsule is releasing a Beta and will require several months to enhance and improve the user experience before a 'finalized' platform is released and the Beta title is removed. You hereby accept the storage/clone products and services 'as is' and understand that this Beta platform (and upcoming releases) will need to be refined and developed into a final system for mass-scale utilization.

We license the best AI technology available and use our proprietary editing methods, so the clone-accuracy will only improve over time! We protect the original audio, you or Recipients may activate a clone anytime in the future. We require an audio disclaimer for VoCapsule (our parent) and our AI affiliates.

The ability to purchase clone content is reserved for early-access members & recipients. There may be a 30 day wait for any requested phrases. Our team is constantly growing and working on automating services. Audiobooks require a custom deliver date.

Legacy Phrases

Write 5 Phrases (up to 150 characters each) and our team will create audio with your Clone. You & your Primary Recipient will receive a copy of any phrases that are purchased with your Clone.


+14-30 Day Delivery

+Edited by Clone Manager

Custom Request

We have the ability to generate any book that is within the public domain (printed 100+ years ago). We also have the ability to perform long-form generation with clones to service any type of custom request! Do you need a professional voiceover? We have access to talented voice actors and talent who can perform a variety of characters and emotions!

When purchasing an early access membership, you will be able to register information about you and a primary recipient on this website through your account page. You may also share audio files via Google Drive, One Drive, WeTransfer, or Dropbox prior to Beta Platform's audio submission portal.


As an early-access member, you may share audio with us and actually request clone generations prior to the release of our Beta! Due to our current team size, we have a 30 day period for delivering clone content like legacy messages (not including audiobooks or custom quotes). Make sure to keep this in mind if you have a special message for a particular date/time.

We are currently assisting those with ALS and other neuro degenerative diseases protect their voices. If you have a terminal illness or other reason for fast-tracking your clone activation, please reach out to us on our contact page.

Cloning Process

When registering your membership, we require a 'Primary' Recipient. In most cases, members will list  legal counsel, spouse, or estate planner as a Primary. You may also list a family member if you'd like. The Primary recipient will have the ability to deny deliveries to Secondary Recipients. They also have the ability to sponsor your account in the future & terminate the clone.

Secondary Recipients  are family & friends that have your account link or email. Both Primary & Secondary Recipients will have the ability to activate your clone and request content, but Secondary Recipients do NOT receive any content unless directly shared by the Primary or you.

Recipients (Primary & Secondary)

Legacy Messages can be requested through a form on our upcoming Beta. If you sign up and purchase early access, a Legacy Agent will reach out with instructions on activating a stored voice through E-Forms.

Its simple, type up to 5 messages (150 characters each) on an E-Form. Our team will go through the Cloning Process and generate the requested messages within 14-30 days!

Prepaid Legacy Messages

Someone from our Team will contact you & begin membership introduction. You may always contact this person or email to get help.


We understand the importance of protecting & managing your vocal legacy, so you may always request a conversation to answer questions in a zoom-video conversation. As a member, we'd like to consider you part of our family!

Personal Legacy Agent

After we receive your audio files (Training Data), our Team stores everything inside of a secure database & backup offline-system. These database management systems were privately developed and designed by VoCapsule & My Legacy Voice to protect audio for the purpose of clone activation. 

Audio Storage (for Training Data)


Registration is super easy, just buy an early access membership or sign up for the newsletter to get notifications on the launch.

Buy an Early Access Ticket to join our private Beta in 2022. All members will receive help from a personal Legacy Manager. This person will help you complete registration and prepare Recipients. There are only 1,000 spots available on the private Beta.

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Why Store With Us?

We protect your voice and manage all clone generation to prevent misuse. Our Legacy Managers will help you share emotion with a script that captures your genuine voice!

What is a Voice Clone?

Imagine your voice as a Lego set, with all the sounds you make as the style of brick and emotions being the color. Our team knows how to create other designs with the help of AI tech.

How Do You Clone?

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI)  systems created by ethical companies to recreate your voice and share it with family. You will need to give them permission on your stored recording.

Why Can't I Store it Myself?

You absolutely can. However, we have multiple backups in different locations to prepare for any kind of event (EMP, flood, fire, etc.) You are paying us to manage your legacy as well. Protect your voice by registering who can access your clone.

What Do I Get?

Unlike regular members in the future, you do NOT have to pay monthly/annual subscription fees (for your period of prepaid storage).  A Personal Legacy Manager will help you register your voice and add Recipients.

What Can a Clone Do?

Your voice clone can read bedtime stories, full books, say 'happy birthday', and one day- even play characters in a video game! There are tons of reasons to store your voice with us. Always be there for family and loved ones!