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***This is a clone made from an iPhone recording***



Per Order

Type out a message (or multiple short ones) up to 500 characters. Our team of clone editors and audio engineers will create a SUPER realistic clone for you or recipients. Request a personal message or test an audio book/script. Delivery may depend on current orders being processed.



Per Project

Let us complete your audiobook, animation voiceover, film dubbing, or other clone-related service. We have access to the best technologies for any project!

Clone Editing Services


We do NOT claim to own, sell, and/or provide any code or software that we license from AI providers. Our company focuses on storing and protecting audio data in separate systems until a clone is activated by you or a trusted recipient. We use our editing (prompt engineering) methods with 3rd party AI speech-synthesis technology. Our business protects vocal legacies and manages who may have access to your voice in the future. We require a verbal disclaimer to be read for VoCapsule (our parent company) and the AI providers we use for training/generating clones. All clone requests are delivered on a 'as is' basis. Clone quality depends on the audio quality of your recording device or microphone.

My Legacy Voice

Membership Pricing



Need a clone-voice for a  legacy gift? Contact us and ask about a personal account! Starting at $24.99/year.



Theses quoted accounts are perfect for family legacies. Our managers will work with your lawyers or estate planners to protect your voice & more!



Any business, agency, or organization that needs management for 20 voices or more should ask us about enterprise pricing.

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