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Register & Record

Apply for a sponsored clone-account today! Speak with a VoCapsule Agent and prepare your voice recording. Our team will generate audio for you to use on your Tobii Dynavox device! (Sponsorship only covers voice storage and ALS phrase bank)

Create Message Banks

Whether its today or years from now, we can generate synthetic speech in your voice. Our team will deliver MP3 audio files to set up on your Tobii Dynavox or capable device.

Use a Device

Use eye-tracking on any Tobii device with message banking (or capable device) to access your cloned phrases! You may need a desktop or laptop device to upload files to "mytobii dynavox" systems.

Vocapsule is not officially affiliated with Tobii Dynavox & does not receive any commission or payment from their business for referrals or links.

Technology for ALS

VoCapsule supports people with ALS & other neuro degenerative conditions. We worked with a team at EWU to create a FREE universal phrase bank for ALS clones. Every paid subscription helps us sponsor more accounts, contact us to see if you qualify for a free account!

This voice is a 'free version' made with iPhone recordings

Free Eye Tracking Powered By

VoCapsule, the parent company of My Legacy Voice, works with institutions and organizations like Matt's Place Foundation and the Gleason Institute of Neuroscience to educate those with early-diagnosed ALS about voice cloning. Many people in the community procrastinate having to 'voice bank' since it takes hours to complete for a limited set of phrases. With us, it only takes 10-20 minutes and members or caretakers can generate anything they want! You can sign up for a free account by going to the products page or requesting a sponsored premium account that includes emotional range and better voice clones.

Assistive Technology

Who Needs a Legacy Voice?

Parents &


Leave your voices behind for children and even their grandchildren in 50+ years! My Legacy Voice is for every family.

Military &


For those with dangerous jobs that protect others, we recommend storing your voice so you can always be there for loved ones.

Actors &

Voice Actors

Your voice is a critical part of your career. Make sure to protect a natural, usable version. Your voice clone can do anything you record and prepare!

Movies &


Imagine if your international project could have the original voices speaking different languages! Our team will use clones for dubbing.

My Legacy Voice

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