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Security Q&A:

How does My Legacy Voice protect my personal info?

We protect all information you share with us. Our cloud storage and AI software providers are SOC-II compliant (or better). We keep a copy of your information in the 'vault', an offline database managed by our team. This system is based in the United States in an undisclosed location. We keep all account information and audio recordings here.

What does My Legacy Voice do to make sure my voice is used properly?

We are constantly updating security practices and improving our systems. All clone managers use company devices that have special software to record their activity when accessing voices  and licensed AI programs. We monitor activity so that our company can properly manage your legacy and prevent any kind of misuse.

Why does My Legacy Voice use Jotform to register and record my voice?

We have several projects that will require security audits to obtain certifications for new online portals. Until then, we use audited companies that can provide the scalability and security for online recordings and personal information. Our provider is HIPAA compliant (even though we don't collect medical info) and has been SOC-II certified. Plus, all submissions are encrypted!

Why does My Legacy Voice use Stripe to handle card  transactions?

Your card information should be protected, that's why millions of people use to handle transactions and purchase items. We use Stripe because our customers are important to us. You should always have an encrypted checkout portal for your online orders.

Why does My Legacy Voice use Stripe for login?

Our online form is encrypted, so emails can't be directly tied to the registration portal from 3rd party vendors. We use Stripe to verify membership status for premium plans and verification on order payments. This allows you to easily update billing information and see your subscriptions or payments.

Why is my account information encrypted?

We take security seriously. When you send us any personal information (beyond signing up for newsletter subscriptions or contacting support), we encrypt everything and store it in a secure, offline database. This allows us to prevent attacks and other kinds of unwanted activity on accounts. Our online form uses the RSA-2048 algorithm to protect submissions directly on the device before sending the information to certified cloud servers.

Does My Legacy Voice store any unencrypted personal information?

All information is encrypted when stored, but there are times when a decryption is necessary. Your voice and sensitive information are only viewable by approved members of our team. If you are a newsletter subscriber, we may share your name and email in a contact list that is used by 3rd parties to complete email campaigns and promotional messages. Your name and email may be viewable by our team and trusted affiliates when performing: marketing campaigns, security tests, clone generations, accounting activities, customer support sessions, recipient management, and required business activities.

What happens when my voice is activated?

When you or a trusted, primary recipient approves a clone request, our team collects the audio recordings submitted to us when you signed up. These files contain everything we need to clone your voice with AI software from the best labs in the world. We prepare the audio and clean up any mistakes before training an AI model. You and the primary recipient will receive an approval message along with a copy of the delivery.

Who can access my voice and request clone content?

Only you and a primary recipient may approve or deny a clone request. Anyone with your email or voice code may request, but you or the primary recipient may deny them or approve the order. Our team will message you if there is any suspected misuse on your account.

How does a recipient request my voice after I've passed away?

When a card fails, or the primary recipient contacts us, our team messages the original speaker or account holder. If there is no response for 30 days, our team will transfer the membership to the listed primary recipient. This includes full account access and the ability to delete the voice. They will list another primary recipient for their account to sponsor your voice after them.

Why do I have to contact My Legacy Voice to change my account info?

We encrypt everything sent to us on the online form. This information is kept on a private system to prevent attacks or unwanted viewers. That's why you can't view recipient information or audio recordings (you can change billing information on Stripe and view orders, subscriptions, and payments). When using our 'beta' services, we require a request from a verified email to change account information on back-end systems.


We do NOT claim to own, sell, and/or provide any code or software that we license from AI providers. Our company focuses on storing and protecting audio data in separate systems until a clone is activated by you or a trusted recipient. We use our editing (prompt engineering) methods with 3rd party AI speech-synthesis technology. Our business protects vocal legacies and manages who may have access to your voice in the future. We require a verbal disclaimer to be read for VoCapsule (our parent company) and the AI providers we use for training/generating clones. All clone requests are delivered on a 'as is' basis. Clone quality depends on the audio quality of your recording device or microphone.

My Legacy Voice

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